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Kelly Carlson Biography

Kelly Carlson- An Introduction:

According to Kelly Carlson Biography even if she initiated her career as a model but she could not do well being model till Kelly went on to feature in TV. As per Kelly Carlson Records even after acting for some time as well as some unremarkable roles, Kelly’s depiction of Kimber Henry model cum a in love porn star on FX's "Nip/Tuck scandalous surgery serials  got her the due place of an actor in Hollywood


Kelly Carlson Biography:

Kelly Carlson Biography states that Kelly Carlson was born on 17 February 1976 in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA, USA. Kelly Carlson Profile suggest that Kelly at an age of 17 started her career in modelling and was also featuring in TV commercials within Minneapolis, Minnesota and in further in time Kelly featured in nationwide operations for Rembrandt and Miller Lite toothpaste. According to Kelly Carlson Profile when she was 19 she left to Los Angeles, and  she constantly did modelling. Kelly Carlson Profile also said though Kelly was acting trained yet she started to get trained under one of the best trainer Lee Kelton Smith.


Kelly Carlson Achievements

Kelly Carlson Records state that she got her initial acting break in a feature called 3000 Miles to Graceland in the year 2001 as a rough dispatch rider girl in the Kevin Costner road trip vehicle. According to Kelly Carlson Achievements as of 2004, Kelly had decided to act in a "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation," which raised some misunderstanding for people following Kelly Clarkson American Idol because some news media spread a news as to the singing sensaton shall be donning this role instead of Kelly Carlson. Yet the people knew on watching the movie that it was Kelly Carlson and not the pop star because the feature held a few nude scenes and Kelly Carlson as per Kelly Carlson Achievements had been interacting with wounded American military soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, which had a great impact on Kelly Carlson. Kelly Carlson Records also says that she was a part of Mel’s produced Paparazzi

Kelly Carlson Records also state that in 2006 she starred as a model/porn star in FX series pilot Nip/Tuck named Kimber Henry. Even though the part was to give a small appearance but with the popularity of the character she was given a regular role. The Marine in the year 2006 was Kelly Carlson’s debut in a action flick motion picture that was directed by John Bonito Kelly’s boy friend.

Kelly Carlson Achievements also state that she starred in  the year 2006 in Lifetime Network TV movie Break-In, she has also made guest appearances in the TV series like Everwood and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Kelly Carlson Achievements also state that if she is not in shooting then she stars as  a spokesperson for Smile Network and does horseback riding in her free time too.


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