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News Of King Khan Surrogate Baby AbRam

News Of King Khan Surrogate Baby AbRam

Nowadays SRK is in high news not for filmy career but for personal ups and downs going in his life.  SRK finally revealed the news of his newborn after being silent for many days that he and his wife Gauri has been blessed with a baby boy named AbRam. SRK also revealed that these days he and Gauri Khan were quiet because of the health issues of AbRam as he born premature.

Concern about AbRam is too high although the small baby is alright now and has been bought to Mannat.

SRK also gave statement on Abram and sex determination test issues.

SRK revealed that whatever the noise and news going around the world about his baby but sweet small boy is finally at home and is premature.

He said that all the members of his family are really concerned about AbRam’s health and this was the main reason of their silence. No doubt, his health was their emotional and personal cause. They are dealing with Boy’s issues for a long time.

SRK gave a vote of thanks to doctors, nurse and hospital staff for their all type of contributions in keeping AbRam well. He gave a special thanks to Dr. Jatin Shah for the special contribution towards his baby’s health. Infact, he thanked every official and staff of hospital. He revealed that they never lost hope in life.

SRK also commented on the issue of sex determination test. He ensures the media that there has been no such type of tests for his child. Abram was born before speculations of determination of sex and the related issues were raised by few organizations in media.

He added that all the claims regarding sex determination tests  are completely false and he wanted to make apologies to the doctors and hospital who have to face these types of unwanted questions.

SRK said that Abram is a baby from surrogating and the whole process is confidential. He appealed everyone to allow his some cherish for his new born and the matter must not be a social topic.

He finally said that he is quite unhappy that he has to give explanations and clarifications to media about his new born in such a way. In actual he just wanted to give this message of happiness’ to everyone in some other way. He added that everything is going around this world as God’s opinion and everyone should move on.