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Sooraj Pancholi Promised Jiah Khan To Marry

Sooraj Pancholi Promised Jiah Khan To Marry

For the second time twist came and hitched up Jiah Khan’s suicide case. Few hours later as when Jiah Khan’s boyfriend Suraj was arrested by Juhu Police on Monday night for provoked her suicide; they explored the Sooraj Pancholi’s house and found 5 love letters which were sent by Jiah Khan.

In Metropolitan Court at Andheri, Juhu Police requested for his salvation in order to examine and validate the letters content. Till 13th June court has granted his custody to Juhu Police after a long argument between the prosecutions.

Sooraj has accustomed that Jiah Khan was allegedly beaten by him, who forcefully aborted her child in a hospital situated at Juhu. She has talked to her many friends about her pregnancy and now police has questioned about them to him.

In Sooraj’s favor defence lawyer tried to convince the court but unfortunately court wasn’t convinced. He said that, Lawyer questioned to the court that why after three days of incident the mother brings the suicide note?  He asked that why jiah’s mother remains quite when she already knows that her daughter was beated by sooraj. Sooraj is innocent and being framed.

According to the police and the letter found by them ‘I love you’ has been used frequently in three letters out of five whereas rest of the two letters contains the same content which was written in the 6 page suicide note which was the major document for Sooraj Pancholi’s arrest.

Probe broadens

All those six letters have been sent to handwriting specialist for the validation of all the letters. It has been found that all the letters have been written by Jiah Khan at first look. ACP said that he had already sent these letters to the handwriting expert to verify that whether it is written by jiah or not. On the basis of information he will the call the people who are related to this issue.

ACP (west) said that he had met all the family members of jiah for getting more information. He also investigate to Deva, Sooraj’s servant, he had just delivered a bouquet to the jiah’s house before her death.

Moreover, `He wants to know that at the last moment jiah forwarded the message, to knew that the ACP recovered the BlackBerry phone of victim. He had consulted to the IT expert to break the password to open the WhatsApp and BlackBerry phone.

People from Police station at Juhu revealed that Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabia khan had told to police that Sooraj Pancholi had promised her to marry her, but as when her daughter became pregnant, Sooraj started avoiding her, on the order of his father, Aditya Pancholi.

Police officer also said that he did not get any involvement of Aditiya Pancholi.  Police has taken the legal advice to add the section of harassment against Sooraj Pancholi, to make the case stronger.


Police officials are also searching for the hospital in which they went for abortion so that they can noted down the concerned doctor statement which will help the police officials further.